Client : Père Dodu

On the menu: For the brand Père Dodu, we produced a TV commercial and two spots on various social media channels, all created in March 2021, and shot in Île-de-France.

In collaboration with the company Quai des orfèvres, we thought it would be interesting to observe a conversation during a family meal, where one family member is not physically present, but talking to the others through his smartphone. Using this premise, we then devised shots that would enhance the cordon bleu that is beloved by kids and teenagers!

We called on the talented director Julien Eudes, a true specialist in food advertising, having directed hundreds of commercials for clients such as McDonald’s, Bonduelle, Burger King, and Quick.

The challenge of this commercial was in the color corrections, for which we had to reproduce the cordon bleu’s colors in the most precise way possible.

After a month of production (which was necessary to complete this campaign), we are proud to have collaborated with the Père Dodu Team.

Format : Pub TV de 00.25 sec
Agence : Quai des Orfèvres
Diffusions : TV, Youtube, Facebook et Instagram.
Matériel technique : Arri Alexa Mini LF
Optiques Zeiss Standard Speed T 2.1

Réalisateur : Julien Eudes
Assistant réal : Pascal Venturini
Acteurs : Laetitia Giorda, Camille Bossard, Achille Dareau
Chargée de prod : Clarisse Cenkier
Styliste culinaire : Benoit Danguin
Chef déco : Ceren Kaya
Assistant déco : Jérôme Joubert
Ingé son : Lucas Ortiz
1er assistante cam : Juliette Castanier
2e assistante cam : Alice Rebetez
Maquilleuse : Emma Razafindralambo
Styliste : Marie-Aubrey Molès
Chef Elec : Simon Lemarchand
Producteur : Etienne Grosjean
Etalonneur : Steven Le Guellec
Postproduction : Sébastien Gillig & Pater/Son
Montage : Pater/Son
Mixer/Sound Designer : Lucas Ortiz
Agence : Quai des Orfèvres
Machino : Mathias Avanozian
Elec : Robin Parrinello et Ludovic Verwaerde