Berocca Boost for Cannes Lions

The advertising agency J. Walter Thompson come to us to create a film for Berocca Boost, a simple yet efficient motion design project.

Fun, straightforward, and dynamic, we didn’t want to overdo it. Our credo: rely on a typed text and understated colors.

This film was shown as a real-time experience at Cannes at the Commercial Festival in 2016. To be watched with a sense of humor, of course!

Format : Pub digitale de 00.50 sec.
Agence : J. Walter Thompson Paris
Diffusions : Youtube, Facebook & Instagram.
Matériel technique : Adobe After Effect

Producteur exécutif : 2 Heures 56 Productions
Copywriters : Adrien Mancel / Julien Sens
Direction artistique : J.Walter Thompson Paris / Paul-Emile Raymond
Directeur de création : Ludovic Marrocco
Assistant directeur artistique : Jeanne Lecam
Motion designer : Augustine Gottraux