Respect “Unicorns vs Haters”

Financed by the advertising agency J. Walter Thompson Paris for the organization Respect zone, this highly funny commercial will definitely bring a smile to your face!

Respect zone made a unique tool to moderate online comments: insults on social media are transformed into ridiculously cute emojis!

It’s a simple but efficient, concept that we totally approve of, here, at 2 Heures 56 Productions. And we use it, ourselves, to make scrolling through social media way more fun!

Format : Pub digitale de 01.30 sec.
Agence : J. Walter Thompson Paris
Diffusions : Youtube, Facebook & Instagram.
Matériel technique : Adobe Premiere Pro et Adobe After Effect.

Producteur : 2 Heures 56 Productions
Copywriters : Johan Tchang-minh

Mixeur : The Mixmen
Directeur de création : J.Walter Thompson Paris / Ludovic Marrocco
Directeur artistique : Laura Moreau
Motion designer : Augustine Gottraux