Nescafé “It all starts with a Nescafé” (8 bit)

Client : Nescafé

We came up with the idea for this film following a contest launched by Nescafé where you had to describe how you start your day with Nescafé in 50 seconds.

It was created entirely in motion design in an 8-bit style that reminds us of the best parts of Street of Rage. The film follows the adventures of a young girl who arrives at her new company to meet her future colleagues, when her internship contract gets stolen by a cat who is a lot bigger than he seems…

Format : Pub digitale de 00.47 sec.
Diffusions : Youtube, Facebook & Instagram.
Matériel technique : Adobe After Effect

Réalisateur : Havery Pischedda

Motion design : Sebastien Gillig / Havery Pischedda / Augustine Gottreaux
Mixeur : Lucas Ortiz