Client : Unafam

In August 2020, the advertising agency Insign, commissioned us to make a film for the association UNAFAM (National Union of Families and Friends of Mentally Ill and/or Disabled Persons) that helps the families of patients who are suffering from schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, OCD, and/or severe depression.

It was a moving and compassionate shoot, which was necessary to capture, with the utmost of sincerity, the suffering of these people. In order to demonstrate this in the campaign, families hang their words on a board as a symbolic way to get rid of the pain. Let’s free this pain so that we are no longer alone when faced with the sickness of a loved one.

Go to https://www.unafam.org/ to find the strength to move forward together.

Format : Pub digitale de 00.30 sec
Agence : Insign
Diffusions : Youtube, Facebook & Instagram.
Matériel technique : Blackmagic Ursa Mini Pro 4.6k
Optiques Rokinon T 1.5

Réalisateur : Loic Phil
Chef Opérateur : Robin Parrinello
Assistant caméra : Florian Gagnerie & Julien de Sousa
Montage : Florian Gagnerie
Composer/Mixer/Sound Designer : Lucas Ortiz
Etalonnage & DIT : Julien de Sousa
Agence : INSIGN (Ludovic Marrocco, Emilie Levy, Audrey Touchard, Mathieu Hubert, Sven Baruchel)