Client : CNIEL

Life can sometimes be magical. For this shoot, we needed snow. Lots of snow. It was the beginning of 2019, a year without much snow. But you should never discount luck. Indeed, after two dry weeks, our team arrived at the same time as the snow, which continued to fall throughout the night. As a result, the filming could start early in the morning, as planned, with 1 meter of perfect powder.

With more than 800,000 views, this commercial was created for the CNIEL (dairy products) to highlight the nutritional value of milk, especially for sports, which in this case, were extreme mountain sports in the winter.

The CNIEL gave us carte blanche to create the film from A to Z. We did everything: from writing the script, to casting, to scouting the location, and finally to post-production.

Through multiple athletes’ perspectives (snowboarder, skier, ice climber, runner) in places each more spectacular than the next, you will be in awe of nature and her beauty.

It was a picturesque shoot, shot over a period of four days in mid-January 2019 between La Plagne and Megève in the French Alps. We challenged ourselves, just like the athletes in the commercial. It was technically challenging, and not without a few hiccups (especially for the ice climbing scene, which was only accessible by a two-hour hike through 1 meter of snow).

Epic and refreshing, both literally and figuratively!

Format : Pub digitale de 01.25 sec
Diffusions : Youtube, Facebook.
Matériel technique : Blackmagic Ursa Mini Pro 4.6k
Optiques Zeiss super speed

Directed by Pater/Son
Cinematographer : Ole Marius Dahl
1st Assistant Director : Robin Parrinello
Production manager : Saad Moukine Billah
Camera Operator : Stan Legrand
Drone operator : Alexandre Blanc
Sound Designer : Lucas Ortiz
Colorist : Steven Leguellec (Stuff Movie)
Driver : Ben Raoul

With : Fanny Belladonna, Pierre Dutilleux, Xavier Favre & Nicolas Bais

Shot in locations : Plaine Joux, La Plagne, Megève, Boege, Aime, Lac de Montriond