Client : Too good to go

Too good to go called on our services to produce a film introducing a new collaboration with

the bakery Paul.

Too good to go is an app that allows you to buy unsold food from supermarkets, restaurants, hotels, or even bakeries.

The film follows Toufik, the head of Paul’s bakery, while he uses the app to sell unsold goods as part of his daily routine.

It was a very positive experience that made everyone a winner.

Format : Pub digitale de 01.43 sec 
Diffusions : Youtube, Facebook & Instagram
Matériel technique : Blackmagic Ursa Mini Pro 
Optiques Rokinon T 1.5

Réalisateur et cadreur : Loic Phil
Assistant caméra : Julien De Sousa
Montage & Mix : Lucas Ortiz
Etalonnage : Julien De Sousa