Bubblin is a music video made for Sam Dian a young and talented french artist. Sam is waked up by a disturbing vision, while is getting some fresh air near the swimming pool, some bubbles hits the surface.
Written and directed by Aurélien Mathieu, staring Claire la sièrene and Samuel Miran Dian. Shot early july in Red Epic Dragon 6k with zeiss cp2 lenses in Normandy in a small village called Lecaude and at Merville France Ville.


Producer : Samuel Miran Dian

Writer and director : Aurélien Mathieu

Director of photography : Olivier Tresson

Cam Assistant : Yohan Suberviolle

Chief Electrician : Baptiste Hennequin

Make Up Artist : Monika Otreba

Stage Photographer : Chloe Jovanovic

Color Grading : Aurélien Girelli

Editor : Oliver Mathon

Sound Designer : Cesar Mamoudy

Typo Animation : Anna Bednarik

Mastering : Crystal Mixage

Staff Assistant : Maxence Sarie

Special thanks to

Dominic & Brigitte Chapelain, Claude & Lucette Brunner, Henry Riviere.