Client : Mountain Riders

In 2015, the advertising agency J. Walter Thompson called on us for the first time to produce a film for Mountain Riders, an association that fights for the defense of the mountain environment.

The pitch: With more than 150 tons of trash thrown away every year at ski resorts, the mountains are not as clean as we may think.

We proposed a sequence shot of a mountain model created entirely from paper, all shot on a coffee table in our office. The challenge was to make the first 20 seconds seem like we are seeing actual mountains before we reveal the shocking truth: that, in reality, all we see is a mountain of garbage!It was a challenge that took many days to get right.

Participate in “Mountain Days,” trash clean-up days. All of the information can be found at

Format : Pub digitale de 00.50 sec.
Agence : J. Walter Thompson Paris
Diffusions : Youtube, Facebook & Instagram.
Matériel technique : Blackmagic Production Camera 4k
Optiques Rokinon T 1.5

Réalisateur : Pater/Son
Chargé de post production : Loic Phil
Mixeur : Lucas Ortiz / Loser Collective
Copywriters : Thomas Blanc
Motion design : Augustine Gottraux
Directeur de la photographie (chef opérateur de prise de vue) : Alex Monteiro
Directeur de création : Ludovic Marrocco
Direction artistique : Florian Amoneau, Jeanne Le Cam, Carla Coste