Lucas Oprv is the artist alter ego of one of our sound engineers and star composer here at 2h56. He asked us to listen to his latest track and we loved it. We said it would be a great idea to produce a clip for him, something fun and bit crazy, that would work well with the song’senergy. It was shot in three nights right here in our offices, before they were renovated.

Ready for a rollercoaster ride?

Hit play and let yourselves be carried away!

Format : Clip musical de 02.53 sec
Diffusions : Youtube, Vimeo
Matériel technique : Blackmagic Ursa Mini Pro 
Optiques Rokinon T 1.5

Directed by Pater/Son
Cinematographer : Ole Marius Dahl
Camera Operator : Robin Parrinello
Steadicamer : Holori Gravier
Production manager : Mouna Diaj
Sound Designer : Lucas Ortiz
FX : Sébastien Gillig, Pater/Son, & Léo Paulard
Rotoscopy : Clément Arzuman
Artwork : Raphael Waknine
Set Design : Maëlle Pinto Maia