Waiting for Jean Paul tells the story of a castle that waited 700 years to be reborn. One man was responsible for this resurrection: Jean Paul!

Rocafort Castle was built in the heart of the French Alps in 1090 and was destroyed in 1305. For 7 centuries, no one looked after it, and the building’s ruins became buried and forgotten. Until the year 2000… It waited 700 years for Jean Paul.

It is a very personal film that intertwines the intimate with the local community. Through his daily labor, Jean Paul revives a whole valley’s historical and cultural heritage.

11 awards for Best Documentary and more than 25 official selections in various international film festivals.

Format : Documentaire de 08:16 secondes
Diffusions : Vimeo, Youtube, et divers festivals internationaux.
Matériel technique : Arri Alexa Mini LF
Optiques anamorphiques Atlas Orion

Réalisateur : Pater/Son
Chef opérateur : Marius Dahl
Assistant Camera : Robin Parrinello
Musique originale : Geoffroy Marzin
Drone : Alexandre Blanc
Sound Design : Lucas Ortiz
Etalonnage : Steven Leguellec
Montage : Pater/Son
Graphiste : Havery Pischedda
Traductions : Terri Morris