K2 is a graffiti artist who lives in the French Alps with his two daughters.

Inspired by the manga universe and bright colors, he tries to adapt his love of urban culture to the mountain traditions. However, that was before life threw him for a loop, which encouraged him to move to Canada.

It is a bittersweet film about the life of a graffiti artist and the love he has for his art and his family.

11 official selections at various international film festivals.

Format : Documentaire de 02:58
Diffusions : Youtube, Vimeo et divers festivals internationaux
Matériel technique : Blackmagic Pocket 4k
Optiques Rokinon T 1.5

Directed by Pater/Son
Sound Design : Lucas Ortiz
Color Correction : Julien de Sousa
Translation : Terri Morris
Music : Eric Kinny “Daydream in D”