Mountain Rider – Untouchable Cars

The mountain is a fragile environment in need for protection against car pollution. Mountain Riders is an association fighting for the defense of the mountain environment.

La montagne est un environnement fragile qui a besoin d’être protégé face à la pollution automobile. Mountain Riders est une association qui lutte pour la défense de l’environnement en montagne.

Shortlist Cannes Lion 2016

With Mathieu Charrière & Clara Demeester
J.Walter Thompson Paris crew : Ludovic Marroco, Julien Chesne, Eric Auvinet, Anne Girod
Directed by Thibault Walthert
Produced by Etienne Grosjean, Henri Baudras & Thibault Walthert
Assistant Director : Loic Phil
Director of photography : David Winnerstam
Camera operator : Stanislas Legrand
Second Camera : Alexandre Blanc
Editor : Thibault Walthert (with Julien Chesne, Eric Auvinet)
Postproduction : Sebastien Gillig, Sebastien Séjourné, Loic Phil & Thibault Walthert
Color Grading : Back Up Post Production
Music : ILHOË (Loic Phil)
Sound design : Lucas Ortiz
Snow Sculptor : Christian Burger
Fake Snow by : Kikapami Atelier
Storyboard :Havery Pischedda
Shot on Arri Alexa in March 2016